Iusto Foedere’s community I: the covenfolk

Today we will start working on the community of Iusto Foedere. We know that there are 6 grogs, 12 covenfolk and a number of specialists adding up to 25 build points. We will start with a general view of the covenfolk.

For starters we will do the general covenfolk. Bear in mind that this might change to deepen them and have them add more to the community as the covenant develops.

The community I: Covenfolk

According to the rulebook of Ars Magica 5th Edition page 71), a covenant with 6 magi will have a community of 6 grogs, 12 covenfolk and a series of specialists. Specialists are bought with build points, so they are added to the base community.

The non military personnel of the community are as follows

Covenfolk (12)

  • Michael of Stafford, autocrat. Michael of Stafford is the autocrat of the covenant. The man in this trust position runs the whole operation and is the visible face of the covenant. He could be a companion, but for now we will go for grogs only. He acts as chamberlain, public relations and administration of the covenant and its lands. We will make him a gentleman so he can have a nice face in front of mundanes.
  • Martin of Wrexham, clerk. Martin of Wrexham works directly for Michael, the autocrat. He is low born but was smart enough to attract the attention of his parish priest, that taught him letter and sent him to a cathedral school afterwards for further education. Martin acts as a scribe, copyist and does general maintenance of the records and books as needed. He is rather jumpy around magi and is always stained with ink in his hands, and more than once in his face as well. Like Michael he is not a native of the village where Iusto Foedere sits, and this has resulted in him being somewhat estranged from the community.
  • Mary and Isabella, cooks. Mary is quite a powerful woman. Married to one of the grogs he acts all bossy. His overbearing attitude is quite usual, since she is responsible for feeding a community of around 30 people and make sure that the supplies of the covenant are OK. In that sense, she acts as cellarer as well as head cook. Isabella is her daughter, and helps her as much as she can. She is quite timid and cowed by her overbearing mother. Some of the local men have shown an interest in the girl, but so far she has been too timid to encourage their advances.
  • Isaac, the errands boy. Isaac is a young lad that supposedly works for Mary. In practical terms he is the errands boy of the covenant, and can be seen performing a multiplicity of chores around, ordered by all the staff members. He tends to the hens and goats, carries messages and supplies up and down, helps with repairs,… whatever the other covenant members need. He has developed quite a stamina as a consequence.
  • Cristina, Iohanna and Alice,housekeepers. The housekeepers do general work around the covenant. Cleaning, changing and washing clothes, sewing and anything needed. Cristina is the leader of the team.
  • Osbert and Nigel, teamsters. The teamsters are the ones in charge of getting external supplies that cannot be obtained locally. They take advantage of their trips to the city to drop an ear on local news, and to visit the contacts of the covenant. And other places of ill repute as well if they have the time and money. The grogs tend to appreciate having to escort a shipment of supplies to the covenant precisely for this, since most of them are not married yet.
  • Nicholas and Jack, woodsmen and general staff. These guys cut wood, patrol the forests and do general repairs. Osbert and Nigel also help them in performing these maintenance and heavy duty chores, and more than once they also borrow some muscle from the armed men.

All in all, a fairly active community, but one manageable. You do not need to stat up most of the characters anyway. They are just background information, a name and personality. If a covenfolk starts seeing regular use, it might be worthwhile to stat him or her up.

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