Magic items

These items belong to the covenant as a whole. Individual magi also have their personal items.

As a medium power covenant with some history behind itself, Iusto Fiedere has managed to accumulate 8either by trade or build) a number of general utility magic items. The list is composed of 12 magic items accumulating 240 spell effects (96 build points).

Cross of the Triad CrCo31
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Room; 2 uses/day

This cross activates a Room +12 recovery effect. It needs a prayer to activate at sunset and sunrise. The cross is in a healing house that is not part of the covenant proper, but located in the nearby village and administered by covenant servants. This healing house was created as part of the agreement between the covenant and the local bishop for the covenant to get the lands, and the healing house must attend the nearby villages and the nobility of the area if they ask for it. The recovery bonus has proved extremely popular among women giving birth, and has caused the covenant to gain a positive reputation at level 3 in the area as wise men and pious healers. The cross presiding over the sick bay is not detected to be a hermetic artefact, but the strong association of the healing house with the church is something that has not gone unnoticed. The grogs of the covenant also use the healing house when they get wounded, even if they tend to be hidden behind a canopy to prevent too many questions being asked about those huge claw marks in their shoulders and the like…

(B5, +1 touch +2 Sun, +2 Room; 2 uses/day +1)

Carving Knife (covenants, p52) ReTe15
R: Touch, D: mom, T: Part; unlimited uses

A chisel that cuts stone easily. This carving chisel has been used in the construction of the covenant, to dress stone and perform most of the delicate carvings, since it allows carving stone as if it was soft wood.

(Base 2, +1 touch, +1 part; unlimited uses +10)

The Strong Man’s Hands (ReTe16)
R: Touch, D: Conc. T: Individual; 50 uses/day

This pair of gloves allows the wearer (generally a grog) to manipulate big and heavy items easily. Teamsters find these items extremely useful, both for hauling merchandise and for transporting heavy stuff. Foresters and hunters also appreciate them, so these items tend to be on high demand at the covenant and the autocrat needs to assign them carefully. (Based on The Unseen Porter)

(B2, +1 touch, +1 concentration, +1 size; Item maintains concentration +5, 50 uses/day +6)

The Strong Man’s Hands (ReTe16)
R: Touch, D: Conc. T: Individual; 50 uses/day

The high demand of the previous item has caused the magi of the covenant to create a second and third pair of these items. One of the pairs was destroyed in an accident, so there are only two pairs remaining. This is the second one

(Same parameters as above)

Hanging Hood Against the Rain (ReAq10)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual; 24 uses/day

This hooded cloak inscribed with the sign of the Order of Hermes in the clasp, hangs from a peg by the side of the covenant’s door. The covenfolk touch the clasp and say “Iusto Foedere” before going out if it is raining. When they do, the effect activates and makes the water run around them instead of soaking them. They still use hooded cloaks when going out of the covenant’s grounds to avoid attracting too much attention towards this unnatural phenomenon. This means that the members of the covenant are much less likely to catch a cold than most inhabitants of the Stonehenge tribunal. The item could be moved, but generally hangs there to be used by all members of the covenant.

(B1, +1 Touch, +2 sun, +1 slightly unnatural; 24 uses/day +5) (Based on cloak of duck feathers).

Travelling Hood Against the Rain (ReAq10)

R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual; 24 uses/day

This cloak is identical to the one that hangs by the door of Iusto Foedere. It is used by travelling parties from the covenant. The extra uses allow a party to remain dry even if they have to be outdoors after sunset (normal while camping outside). When travelling, one of the companions or grogs uses this hooded cloak. By touching the other party members and activating the effect he can prevent them from getting soaked in the frequent English and Welsh rain. He cannot cast it on magi since it has a zero penetration, though.

(B1, +1 Touch, +2 sun, +1 slightly unnatural; 24 uses/day +5)

Pendant for Power (InVi18 + ReVi17)
R: Touch, D: Conc., T: Vision; 6 uses/day
R: Touch, D: Mom., T: Individual, 3 uses/day

This enchanted pendant contains a holed stone with 2 mystical effects. The first one allows the user to see concentrations of vis when looking through the stone’s hole. The second effect allows the vis to be gathered in a concentrated form that the grogs can gather and transport (like a fang of a creature, or a small bottle of water) when the stone is placed in contact with the item and the recipient in contact with the stone. This item is extremely useful for grogs to detect and gather vis when no magi are present. Generally this item is in the hands of the foresters of the covenant.

(First effect “detect vis”: B1, +1 touch, +1 concentration, +4 Vision; 6 uses/day +3)
(Second effect “gather vis” B10, +1 touch, 3 uses/day +2)

Touch of Winter (ReAq14)
R: Touch, D: Circle, T: Ring; 12 uses/day

This spell freezes the water present in a circle at the time of casting. Generally this is done by putting something in a barrel of water and casting the spell around it to keep stuff frozen. Ice is a natural state of water, so the magic ends when the ring is broken, but the water does not revert to liquid form immediately. The ice is used to freeze foodstuffs, but also to chill wine and other beverages during the summer months by placing the mugs and bottles on ice. This item is controlled by the cook of the covenant.

(B3, +1 touch, +2 circle; 12 uses/day +4)

The Motivated Plow (ReTe15)
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Part; unlimited uses

This plow loosens the earth in a path across, leaving it well plowed and ready for sowing. It is a very popular item among the grogs charged with tiling the soil of the fields belonging to the covenant. Sometimes the grogs have started to lend it to the local farmers more “in the know” about the magics of the covenant, but the magi are unaware of it and are likely to be upset if they find out.

(B2, +1 touch, +1 part; unlimited uses/day +10)

Fireless Light (CrIg16)
R: Touch, D: Circle, T: Ring; 50 uses/day

This small candle wick tied to a stick can be used to light items. By tracing a circle on a surface that already contains an engraved circle, or by drawing a circle on a soft surface (so that it stays) it generates a source of light equivalent to torchlight. There is no fire in the spell, though, only light. Is useful while on expeditions, since it can be used underwater without the light source disappearing, but it is less useful in the covenant since it cannot be used in the public places. The private areas of the covenant, like the council chamber library and the labs and rooms of the magi are illuminated using this item, though. A second Fireless light stick disappeared with the missing founder, when he went to explore an underground river in Wales.

(B3, +1 touch, +2 circle; 50 uses/day +6)

The Obedient Horse (ReAn24)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: individual; unlimited uses

This is a stick that appears to be a carrot on a cursory explanation. When you touch a horse with it (or a horse tries to bite it) the horse is calmed and becomes docile. A horse enchanted like this will allow a magus to ride it, so it tends to be used for the magi when they go on expeditions. Up to 12 horses can be calmed (or 6 horses twice per day, at sunrise and sunset), so the item can make the whole party’s horses be unafraid of the magi, something useful since horses tend to be edgy when magi are nearby. A horse enchanted like this will also be way less scared of combat, allowing palfreys and courses to be ridden in battle without much fuss.

(B4, +1 touch, +2 sun, +1 size; 12 uses/day +4)

Field Chirurgeon

This coil of bandages is enchanted with two effects that help a party after they have suffered damage, generally as a consequence of battle (but can also due to accidents and magical botches). The first one stops the bleeding and the second one holds the patient’s wounds stable so it can move without his wounds becoming critical. Movement while wounded is a bad idea, so this item is a good way to keep a party active either going on or (preferably) returning to the covenant for proper treatment.

Bind Wound (CrCo15)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: individual; 24 uses
Prevents bleeding for Sun duration.
(B3, +1 touch, +2 sun; 24 uses/day +5)

Touch of Asclepius (CrCo15)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: individual; 24 uses
Grants a +6 recovery bonus for Sun duration. Movement while wounded causes Recovery checks to see if you get worse, so a bonus to these checks is important if you have wounded members in the party (likely after an engagement)
(B3, +1 touch, +2 sun; 24 uses/day +5)

Hearth Axe (CrHe10)
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Part; unlimited uses

This enchanted axe creates a Moon duration oak tree trunk about a foot wide by 10 feet long when it is wielded towards the ground. The head hits the recently created trunk. The trunk needs to be chopped to pieces afterwards to create logs usable in a fireplace. This item saves a lot of resources to the covenant in terms of lumber and the effort that needs to be done to heat the covenant in winter. Only a fraction of normal wood needs to be kept around to keep the fires going when the new moon rises and the spell effect ends. On emergencies it can be used to erect a temporary wooden barricade, but nobody has needed to do that so far.

(B1, +1 touch, +3 Moon; unlimited uses/day +10)


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